Monday, May 27, 2013

What my horse has taught me....

What my horse has taught me:

Face fear head on. 

Fear is contagious so choose your company wisely. 

If you can feel calm in your body, your mind will follow.

Baby steps still move you forward.

Sometimes you just have to 'be' and not 'do'. 

Take time to 'chew' on the moments of clarity. 

Emotions can get the best of me.  Being in the right state of mind is everything!

Too much of anything is not good- except patience and love. 

If you think you can, you are almost there!

Good friends make everything better.

In a herd, there is always a leader and a follower and that's okay.  Understand your role.   

A bad attitude only gets you so far- (ponies being the exception)  

When you fall, brush off the dust and get back on. 

Enjoy the trail before you.  Ride the horse you are given.

What you 'think' you see may not necessarily be, so look twice before you jump to conclusions. 

The place between freedom and discipline is contentment.  

Always end on a good note!  ~~~~

what about you?  share in the comments what your horse has taught you!  

Happy trails~ Sue

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back Slidin' aka as Welcome To Spring

Back Slidin'

aka Welcome to Spring!

1.Back slide
4 up1 down
To continuously return to a prior state. Can be used to define an addiction or a relationship (or most horses come spring)

This definition was taken from Urban dictionary   Highlighted words are mine.  

Yes, I am experiencing a Back Slide in my own paddocks, pastures and riding ring.  I am speaking the truth so other horse people can know they are NOT ALONE.   We've been down this road before, sometimes annually, and we will be down it again (in the fall) but we WILL get to the other side!!  

If you have horses you know what I am talking about!  Those first few crisp, clear, invigorating days of spring that make us call off work, abandon household chores for barn chores,  disappear from our families and husbands to spend the day with our horses because we FINALLY have dry, clear weather to RIDE !!!  Our enthusiasm is not even subdued when we discover our usually well mannered steed is an absolute nutcase coming in from the pasture!  We don't care when we lead him in and his feet seem to defy gravity or that he appears to have forgotten every manner we have ever taught him - we forge ahead to our ultimate goal of riding!!  We soon discover every bit of training and handling our horse has experienced has slipped out of his equine brain.  He can, in extreme Backslidin' cases appear to have forgotten he is even domesticated!  Yes, it can get that bad with even the oldest, most well mannered, sway back, 20 something year old horse.   This, ladies is BACK SLIDING equine style!!  

Their is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon and why it happens in the spring (and fall).  

It works like an equation.     

Horses + Cool Temperatures +  Change in Atmosphere + tilt of the earth slightly off kilter < scent of lush grass \div \!\, fences + (stalls) x^2 ≠ a sane horse.  

This phenomenon is known to bring on wild horse delusions.  You've seen it- your horse snorts like a freight train, tail is straight up in the air and the distance between Point A (horse's feet) to Point B (the ground) increase exponentially the closer you get to the barn.   

Have no fear.  This condition does not last long-  85 degree weather and above is on its WAY!!    

Nothing slows down a fast horse faster than heat and humidity!!  

Stay tuned for the next blog post:  "You CAN Lead a Horse to water, Going Thru water is another story. "  

Happy Trails!  :)