My name is Sue Steiner and I am an animal artist, Mental Health Tech and formally an equine specialist certified through EAGALA.  I also received training thru Natural Lifemanship TF-EAP (Trauma Focused Equine-assisted Psychotherapy).  I studied at Eastern Mennonite University's STAR program, Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience training I and II.   My interest in horses has been lifelong, but my interest in horses as partners in healing has developed over the years.  It began with my own horses playing an important role in the healing process for me and then continues when I worked as an ES (equine specialist) in equine-assisted therapy.   This interest has deepened and I decided to use this blog as a way to journal some of my thoughts as I explore this topic more fully.

Sue Steiner, artist and horse lover 

2/13 update:  My interest in the animal/human bond and as it relates to healing now has another avenue in which I can explore in my new position as a rehabilitation aide in the physical therapy and rehabilitation dept. of a large children's hospital program.  Therapy dogs are brought in often to be used in therapy with the kids.  Again, a fascinating interaction to watch unfold and one completely different then horses in an EAP setting.

11/15 update:   I no longer work as an ES.  I continue to work at a large pediatric hospital but now am in the Emergency Dept. working as a Mental Health Tech. I probably value the time with my own horses even more as they provide a wonderful service to me as a stress reliever and grounding agent.  I remain intrigued with the interplay between a horse and rider relationship.  This blog has become a creative outlet for me and a place to think about horses in writing.  I have never been interested in competing with my horses but love riding and interacting with them.  My goals have always been to have a good bond with my horses and for them to enjoy our time together as much as I do!  I mainly trail ride.  Love trail riding!!  My horses have an easy, good life.  I love photographing them and they appear often in my artwork.

Me and my horses:






 Best Buddies! 

 My 23 yr old Arab mare who I've had since birth 

Favorite View!