Custom Horse and Pet Portraits and Art for Sale

This artwork is inspired by the fascinating dynamics horses bring to our human interactions and their innate beauty.

~All artwork is copyrighted and can not be used without written permission of the artist.~ 

Artwork by Sue Steiner of Free Rein Art Studio.  

Horse Art Online 

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Pricing on custom portraits depends on number of subjects, view (whole body vs head and shoulders), art medium used (oils vs watercolor etc) and size of the artwork.  I work from 8 x 10 to life-sized!

Below are examples of different art mediums & pricing for Custom Pet and Horse Portraits:

(I work in several different mediums/styles-- it's not as complicated as it might appear!  :)  I promise-- I like to talk with people interested in portraits by phone when possible if they aren't sure what route to take.  I can ask some simple questions and help narrow down your choices.  You can contact me at or and I will call you to discuss- no pressure or big sales talk... that's not how I do business.

"I create art because I enjoy it.  Animals are my preferred subjects because I have always loved all kinds!  This is what I do for fun!  I want it to be fun for you too!"  Sue Steiner, an artist reliving her second childhood thru art and animals! 


To Order a Custom Pet Portrait: 

  •  e-mail Sue Steiner  at  freereinart@outlook(dot) com   
  • (I can help with the following)
  • choose the number of subjects in your artwork
  • choose pose (head/shoulders vs whole body)
  • choose size of canvas or watercolor paper
  • choose art medium (oil vs watercolor) 
  • discuss deadlines (for birthdays, holiday gifts etc.) 
  • send photos to Sue thru e-mail,  text (phone # available upon request) or on facebook at Free Rein Art Studio 
  • send small down payment (on larger pieces only) 
  • review and approve final art by way of a digital image
  • pay balance and shipping (by check, paypal or square)
  • paypal address:
  • snail mail address: 13904 Arnold Rd. Dalton, Ohio 44618
  • artwork is mailed in securely wrapped and protected packaging 
  • 100% guaranteed  


Watercolor and Ink:  

body or head view  5 x 7 = 30.00
body or head view  8 x 10 = 35.00

colorful, line-drawing in pen, few details  Can be made into greeting cards or special occasion cards that are then suitable for framing.  (notebook edge cut off :))

watercolor, pen & ink

Graphite (Pencil Drawings) 

5 x 7 graphite, 1 subject, head and shoulder  40.00
8 x 10 graphite 1 subject, head and shoulder  45.00




prices starting at :
8 x 10 watercolor  $ 50.00

larger watercolors available upon request


 Mixed Media 

9 x 12 mixed medium (mixture of pastels, colored pencils watercolor) 60.00

14 x 20 mixed media ( the background print is the dog's breed description) 
ask for quote 
 Pastels (Included in mixed Media prices) 
comes in various sizes

Mixed media 

Mixed Media 

Mixed media 


Colored Pencils  

8 x 10 1 subject = 60.00
9 x 12 1 subject = 75.00

 Colored Pencil 

Colored Pencil


Oil Painting    available from 8 x 10 to life-sized

9 x 12 oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas (no frame necessary) 90.00

 Single subject oil paintings

Multiple subjects-- call for quote

30 x 30 on gallery wrapped canvas  
Multiple subjects-- call for quote

Life Sized Paintings & Murals 

Call for quote 

 I have several life-sized farm animal and horse murals on permanent display at 
Kidron, Ohio

Work in progress
1 in a series of 5 used as outdoor murals on a horse barn to memorialize the family's much-loved horses! 

Wire Sculptures

 available at

Thanks for stopping by!  

Sue Steiner